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Each day of work comprises various challenges and that could evocate tension and stress. During our lifetime everybody develops habits that could come along with increased muscle tone, inner restlessness and disadvantageous reaction and movement patterns.


During these seminars we explore imagery and awareness, in relation to behaviour and movement patterns, and it’s effect on presence, motivation, concentration, creativity, and self-confidence.


  • Basic principles of Franklin Method
  • Imagery ability
  • Bodily awareness
  • Reaction and movement habits
  • Anatomical and bio-mechanical knowledge
  • Optimising alignment and movement coordination

Seminar Topics

Workshops Franklin Method

Weekend workshops are open to everyone who likes to move and is interested in their body’s structure and functioning.

Focussing on a series of interesting topics, we explore how imagery could effectively support embodiment of a dynamic alignment and optimise individual movement patterns.
Anatomy becomes experience. This positively affects alignment, muscular tone, breath, and coordination and precision of movement.

Insides into working with Franklin Method will be referred to dance training or to the practice of  Yoga, and experienced in brief movement sequences.

The focus of every weekend Workshop varies. Here are some topics: The focus of every weekend Workshop varies.



Susanne Fromme

von-Sandt Strasse 7

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Contemporary Classes in Bonn

Every Thursday evening, I offer a 90-minute contemporary class in Bonn. These classes will run until the beginning of July.

You can book your place directly with Bildungswerk Brotfabrik.

Applying the Franklin Method can be immensely supportive in various areas of movement. In this context, I collaborate with my dear colleague Kai Guzowski. Check out his website, Yogiconcepts, to find excellent yoga classes, several videos on the Franklin Method, and great blog posts.

Professional Development!

14th until 19th of April commences a foundation workshop, "Die Franklin Methode im Beruf", at the beautiful location of Bettenburg, Hofheim. In a peaceful and welcoming environment, we will explore how movement and imagination can guide and support you in your daily professional lives.

There are still some spaces available. Fear not and spoil yourselves.

You can find the dates and register links on the calendar page or by clicking the "View All Courses" button below.



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